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A Level Economics

In A Level Economics you will study how people and societies make decisions that allow them to get the most out of their limited resources. You will look at the fundamental forces which affect our lives, such as employment, prices, international trade, financial markets, distribution of income, poverty and behaviour. Economists are in healthy debate over these issues. It is this controversy which makes Economics lively and interesting and which allows you the opportunity to make your own judgements and form your own opinion.

Popular Music - Level 3 National Foundation Diploma

This course is aimed at people who wish to enter the music industry directly or who plan to study music at University. The course covers a wide range of areas within the music industry.This includes developing instrumental/vocal technique, performance and rehearsal skills, knowledge of the music industry, studio production and recording techniques, music technology and musical theory. Students learn to work together in bands, select and prepare material and give regular performances. Weekly lunchtime gigs also give students the opportunity to hear visiting professional bands and artists.

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