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When did the merger take place?

1 August 2017

Will there be any site closures?

There are no plans to close any of the existing sites. In fact, the merger will create an exciting group of businesses:

Chichester College
Crawley College (previously Central Sussex College)
First Steps Childcare
Anglia Examinations
International Operations

The notice of the closure of Haywards Heath Campus occurred prior to the merger with Chichester College.

What impact will the merger have on the international delivery?

Business will continue as usual and the Gatwick Diamond location may open up new opportunities for international collaboration.

What might the merger offer for students and staff to progress and develop?

Working in a larger group is going to offer greater opportunities for staff progression and CPD.

Students looking at progression will also have access to a wider curriculum offer – with particular opportunities around apprenticeships and HE.

What are the names of the new College Group and Central Sussex College? When will the names change?

The title for the Group is ‘Chichester College Group’ (CCG).

Research has shown that localness of a College is important therefore each College will retain its location in its name with the group gaining an overarching name for commercial opportunities and administrative reasons.

The College names will be:

Chichester College (No change)
Brinsbury (No Change)
Crawley College (Change from Central Sussex)
Horsham Training Centre (No Change)

Central Sussex changed its name to Crawley College on 1 August 2017

What is the corporate structure of the new organisation?

There is one corporation, which is Chichester College. Central Sussex College has dissolved and all the assets and liabilities have fallen into one legal entity and there will be no ring-fencing of funds.