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Mission, Vision and Public Value Statement

Our Mission

Changing lives through learning

We do this by:

  • educating young people in life and work skills
  • retraining adults for new or improved careers
  • outstanding teaching and learning
  • responding to the skills needs of our local communities and employers
  • providing teaching and learning in a community where diversity and internationalism are positively welcome

Our Vision

Chichester College will be in the top 10% of colleges for success whilst remaining inclusive. It will be first choice for:

  • further education for our local communities
  • regional businesses who wish to develop their workforces'skills
  • international further education in England

Public Value Statement

Chichester College is committed to providing value to the rural and coastal communities it serves through:

  • a flexible curriculum which is both inclusive for all learners and meets skills gaps in a rapidly changing economy
  • providing opportunities/enrichment for promoting family values and social activity
  • building and sustaining partnerships with businesses, schools, university and community groups
  • encouraging students to volunteer within the local and wider community
  • being a large local employer of choice
  • providing facilities and services for local use when possible
  • a significant contribution to the local economy from international trade